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My Magical Foods


Becky Cummings

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Suggested grade level:

K - 2nd

Climate Commitment:

Eat your veggies

How to check out:

Available at a Climate Kids Hub for check out!

You can also browse your local library! Are you a reader at a San Diego County library? Check out our curated list here:



Book notes:

AR Points:

About the Book

Do you know a picky eater? Do you wish your children or students would eat more vegetables? Raising healthy eaters starts early and you can instill great habits now in the littles you love! My Magical Foods teaches children how fruits and vegetables come naturally from the Earth, which make them some of the best food on the planet. It also shows super strong animals like the gorilla and giraffe that eat plant based. Finally, it will share ideas that motivate children to pick healthy snacks and meals.

Climate Commitment Activity

Eat your veggies

Dive deeper into the related climate commitment! Download our activity sheet by clicking the preview below.


Reflection Sheets and Book Reviews

Reflect on what you read and share your thoughts with other Climate Kids by completing a reflection sheet and/or book review! Download the templates by clicking the previews below.

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