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The Problem of the Hot World


Pam Bonsper

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Suggested grade level:

K - 2nd

Climate Commitment:

Save water

How to check out:

Available at a Climate Kids Hub for check out!

You can also browse your local library! Are you a reader at a San Diego County library? Check out our curated list here:



Book notes:

AR Points:

About the Book

What happens when five forest friends discover their trees are no longer growing? When there is no more grass to eat? When there is no more water? When the world is too hot? This book follows the friends- a fox, a bear, an owl, a mole, and a deer- on an exciting adventure to find out where the water went and how to get it back.

Climate Commitment Activity

Save water

Dive deeper into the related climate commitment! Download our activity sheet by clicking the preview below.


Reflection Sheets and Book Reviews

Reflect on what you read and share your thoughts with other Climate Kids by completing a reflection sheet and/or book review! Download the templates by clicking the previews below.

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