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Climate Kids Connects - Exploring Climate & Aerosols

For today's edition of "Climate Kids Connects", we are going to explore a topic you may have recently heard a lot about - aerosols. These interactive videos and activities created in partnership with CAICE will help you gain a better understanding of the current science behind these small particles and the role they play in human health and climate!

Welcome to Climate Kids Connects!

For today's edition we are going to be exploring a topic you may have recently heard a lot about -  aerosols. Aerosol particles are microscopic bits of stuff suspended in the air such as dust, soot, and sea spray. They are the most poorly understood component of Earth’s atmosphere. These particles play an important role in human health and climate, but are so small that when you look at the air around you, you usually can’t see them with your bare eyes.

By participating in the interactive videos and activities below you will gain a better understanding of the current science behind these small particles, the impact of aerosols on climate and public health, and how scientists are working to better understand the issues that we face at the intersection of these topics. Let's get started!


Educational Videos

Aerosols & Incomplete Combustion

Learn about aerosols, what an incomplete combustion reaction is, and why it's important for understanding air pollution.

Make a Cloud in a Bottle

Aerosols are the basis of clouds. Learn how clouds are made and how we can recreate the formation of clouds in a bottle!

Make a Particle Collector

Learn about how scientist collect aerosol particles out in the field and see how you can make your own aerosol particle collector to use in and around your house.


Science Activities

Introduction to Aerosols

Learn more about these tiny particles suspended in the air and the impact they can have on our climate and our health.

What Makes a Greenhouse Gas?

Aerosols and greenhouse gases have a unique relationship. Learn more about what makes a greenhouse gas.

Surface Albedo

Surface albedo is important when considering how aerosols influence the earth’s energy budget.

Design Your Experiment 

Using the particle collector you created from the video above, design your own experiment just like a real scientist!


Dive Deeper

The Climate Science Alliance proudly partners with the NSF Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment to develop materials to support community outreach on aerosols and climate change. The Climate Science Alliance team worked alongside CAICE researchers to bring CAICE science to the Climate Kids program, developing engaging activities focused on climate change and atmospheric chemistry.

Climate Kids Connects is sponsored by San Diego Gas & Electric. As our world shifts, we understand the need to adapt for an emergent digital community. By enhancing our online outreach efforts we can build capacity and continued support for climate education. Learn more at


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