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Climate Science & Atmospheric Chemistry Traveling Trunk

Essential Question:

What are aerosols and how are they impacting the climate and public health?

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Grade Level:

Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School

Subject Areas:

Science, Public Health, Fine Arts, Language Arts


Classroom, Field Trip Sites

About the Trunk:

While participating in the Climate Kids activities of art, science and storytelling, students will gain an understanding of the current science behind atmospheric chemistry, the impact of aerosols on climate and public health, and how scientists are working to better understand the issues that we face at the intersection of these topics.

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Students will:

  • Understand what aerosols are and identify the sources of atmospheric aerosols- both natural and anthropogenic (human made)

  • Perform a class experiment to demonstrate how atmospheric aerosols aid in the formation of clouds and precipitation

  • Explain how atmospheric aerosols have both direct and indirect impacts on the Earth’s climate

  • Analyze air quality around their school and interpret how atmospheric aerosols impact public health

  • Learn about how scientists are studying aerosols to better understand how these particles in our atmosphere impact our environment, climate change, and us!

  • Develop solutions to reduce impacts of atmospheric aerosols and climate change

  • Create and design community artwork to portray solutions and tell the story

Sponsors and Partners

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