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our mission

Climate Kids is a series of community-based collaborative projects that provide youth education on climate change through science activities, storytelling, and art. Each Climate Kids project brings together local artists, scientists, educators, and storytellers to engage students of all socioeconomic levels and inspire them to become environmental stewards.

Through partnerships with climate scientists and qualified educators, we encourage curiosity about the natural world while providing youth the tools necessary to make educated decisions about how to protect our planet in the future.

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our story

Since our founding by the Climate Science Alliance in 2015, Climate Kids has:

Trained hundreds of educators on climate messaging


Created 30+ traveling trunks to build climate education capacity


Engaged with over 160,000 community members

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our model in action




Hands-on activities to demonstrate the process of climate change and its impacts

Engaging students on the topic of climate change in a fun, relatable, and interactive way

Deepening students' understanding of climate change by encouraging creative expression

field trips

Connecting students with nature on a field trip to one of many beautiful outdoor education sites in the south coast region


Recognizing each student with a Certificate of Excellence to signify their new role as an environmental steward

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testimonials + sponsors

"Thank you so much for providing the tools to articulate climate science in a way which people can understand and relate."


Thanks to our generous sponsors for supporting the Climate Kids program and the creation of climate tools and resources for our community.