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Climate Kids is committed to supporting climate education and solutions-based programming in our communities. We are excited to offer tools and resources to support your efforts in protecting our planet and fostering the next generation of environmental stewards.

Check out our educational materials, coloring books, and fun activities that cover numerous climate change topics!

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education tools
  • 10 Things You Can Do to Give Wildlife a Break

    Climate change is going to make it harder on wildlife to find food, shelter, and raise their young. You can help take the pressure off wildlife with these 10 things you can do.

  • 10 Things You Can Do to Help

    Make a climate commitment! Check out these 10 ways to incorporate earth-friendly activities in your daily habits.

  • 10 cosas que podemos hacer para darle una oportunidad a la vida silvestre

    El cambio climático está creando un obstáculo para que la vida silvestre encuentre comida y refugio, y crie a sus bebés. Puedes ayudar a reducir la presión experimentada por la vida silvestre con la implementación de estás 10 cosas.

  • 10 cosas que puedo hacer para ayudar

    ¡Haz un compromiso para el clima! Ve estas 10 maneras de incorporar actividades sustentables en tus hábitos diarios.

  • Climate Kids Activity Book

    We compiled some of our favorite online climate science, art, and storytelling activities so you can help the Earth from home.

  • Climate Kids Bingo (English)

    Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist and Science, Media, and Art Intern Audrey Carver created this fun Climate Kids Bingo Card to challenge all the Climate Kids at home with different ways they could help reduce their impact on the earth.

  • Climate Kids Bingo (Español)

    Audrey Carver, artista afiliada y becaria de ciencias, medios y arte del Climate Science Alliance, creó este divertido cartón de bingo de Climate Kids para retar a todos los chicos de Climate Kids con diferentes maneras posibles de reducir su impacto en el planeta.

  • Climate Kids Búsqueda de Tesoros

    Como parte de Climate Kids, es importante disfrutar de los espacios naturales que queremos proteger. Utilicen esta tarjeta Climate Kids Búsqueda de Tesoros para realizar una caminata y observar de cerca la naturaleza que nos rodea. Lleve su diario de la naturaleza y dibuje o describa cada una de sus observaciones.

  • Climate Kids Coloring Book

    Bring some color to your favorite (or new!) climate commitment in this fun coloring book based on our 10 ways to incorporate earth-friendly activities in your daily habits.

  • Climate Kids Scavenger Hunt

    As Climate Kids, it's important to enjoy the natural spaces we are trying to protect. Use this Climate Kids Scavenger Hunt Card to take a hike and closely observe the nature all around us. Take your nature journal with you and draw or describe each of your observations.

  • Colors of Conservation Coloring Book

    As you color these pages and learn more about these unique plants and animals, consider actions you can take to create a better world for them and for you. (Mientras que colorea estas páginas y aprende más sobre estas plantas y animales únicos, piensa en las acciones que puedes tomar para crear un mundo mejor para ellos y para ti.)

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climate kids resources
Climate Kids Connects

We created Climate Kids Connects so you can have all the tools and training you need to help protect the earth. Check out the science, art, and storytelling resources for all ages from us at Climate Kids HQ and our partners!

Climate Kids Student Showcase

Using the power of science, storytelling, and art, Climate Kids from all of our programs have worked hard to help protect the earth and inspire others to do the same. We invite you to check out and share these great projects from Climate Kids students and get inspiration for your own earth-friendly projects!

Climate Kids Tribal Repository

Climate change impacts Tribal communities in a variety of different ways including drought, water availability, and heat events which affect food security, public health, and natural resources with social, cultural, and biological significance. The Tribal Climate Education Repository is a living collection of resources and materials for Tribal and non-tribal Educators. Additional climate-focused materials, activities, and resources from Tribes throughout the Southwest and beyond can be located here.

Youth Climate Challenge

The Youth Climate Challenge is an immersive experience that connects students with leading climate scientists, practitioners, artists, and fellow youth. In challenge teams, students are guided and challenged to identify and analyze the climate impacts in their own communities. Together, they investigate climate strategies and solutions and formulate action plans to implement in their sphere of influence.

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additional resources
climate change communication
Free Online Climate Communication Course
Climate Change Frequently Asked Questions
National Network for Ocean + Climate Interpretation
National Climate Assessment
climate data
California's 4th Climate Change Assessment
San Diego County Ecosystems Assessment
San Diego 2050 Report
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educating youth on climate change through science, art, and storytelling
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The Climate Science Alliance Team acknowledges the Indigenous peoples on whose traditional territory we work. We honor the continued presence and resilience of Indigenous communities and nations today, and thank those we work with for your friendship and your good will in our efforts to collaborate.


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