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Welcome to Climate Kids Connects! We are so glad you are here. As you may have heard, the Earth needs our help. Our global climate is changing and this will impact our communities, both human and natural. This is a big problem and it will take us thinking creatively to come up with solutions.

As scientists, Climate Kids (that's you!) have three very important jobs:

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Here at Climate Kids Connects, we wanted to make sure you have all the tools and training you need to complete these important steps to help protect the earth. Below you will find science, art, and storytelling resources for all ages from us at Climate Kids HQ and our partners. Have fun and thank you for your hard work!

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climate 101

Climate change is caused by the increased levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Explore and understand the impact of our changing climate with these engaging activities.

Image by Joshua Wilking

climate science &


Carnivores, or animals that eat meat, are important links in the ecosystem as they help control prey populations. These activities will explore how climate change is impacting carnivores and what you can do to help.


climate science & 


Habitat fragmentation and development are affecting the amount of space animals have to live and move around. These activities will help you explore the importance of a connected ecosystem and how you can help plants and animals in your local area.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

climate science &

food systems

Our global climate and the food that we eat everyday are inextricably linked. Explore our food system and the role it plays in our changing climate and alternatively, how climate change will impact our food, how it’s produced, transported, and more!

Image by Marek Okon

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Oceans cover 71% of the world and are the basis of all life. From warming to acidification, these activities will explore climate impacts to our oceans.

Image by Gary Bendig

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A pollinator is an animal that helps plants produce fruit or seeds. As the earth warms and precipitation changes, pollinators and their plants are in trouble - we will learn more through these activities.

Image by Gustavo Espíndola

climate science &

the air we breathe

Aerosol particles - microscopic bits of dust, soot, and sea spray suspended in the air - are the most poorly understood component of Earth’s atmosphere. These particles play an important role in human health and climate that we will explore with these activities.

Thanks to our generous sponsors for supporting Climate Kids Connects and the creation of climate tools and resources for our community.