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Through our Climate Kids programs, youth learn about climate change impacts unique to their communities and have the tools necessary to make educated decisions about how to protect our planet in the future.

Explore our Climate Kids community programs below.

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san diego

Climate Kids - San Diego piloted the use of science activities, storytelling, and art to provide youth education on climate change in the south coast ecoregion. Through partnerships with local scientists and educators, we focus on local natural resource conservation actions with an emphasis on climate change impacts to our oceans, coasts, and the unique biodiversity and species of the region.

Climate Kids teaching resources are available for all educators—formal and informal—to check out at our Climate Kids Hub at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Learn about our Climate Kids Hubs


Climate Kids - Mexico is a collaborative partnership that implements a unique approach to training high school students to deliver the Climate Kids program in elementary and middle school classes. The program has a positive impact in Tijuana and Northern Baja through its environmental stewardship activities, workshops, and outreach.


Climate Kids - Tribes began as a collaborative event with the Pala Band of Mission Indians and has since grown in scope to serve Tribal Nations across the Southwestern United States. Through invitation, Climate Kids activities have been brought to Tribal Earth Day events, youth field trips, school programs, and community events for the whole family.

Climate Kids teaching resources are available for Tribal educators to check out at our two Climate Kids Hubs hosted at the Pala Environmental Department (Northern San Diego Tribes) and the Manzanita Environmental and Natural Resources Department (Southern San Diego Tribes).

Learn about our Climate Kids Hubs

puerto rico

Climate Kids - Puerto Rico represents a partnership with the Puerto Rican NGO Para La Naturaleza, under the umbrella of the Climate Science Alliance’s DUNAS project, where we are collaborating with local communities, citizen scientists, and youth to assist in coastal dune restoration and climate education.


Climate Kids - Washington is a collaborative project with the Parent Partnership Program of the Snoqualmie Valley School District. Through partnerships with local parents and educators, we focus on local natural resource conservation actions with an emphasis on climate change impacts to oceans, coasts, and the unique biodiversity and species of the region.

costa rica

Climate Science Alliance affiliated artist, Audrey Carver, worked with Costa Rican NGO Amigas de las Americas to bring Climate Kids messages and programming to South America. Students participated in hands-on learning activities and created large scale murals to encourage their communities to protect the environment.


The Climate Science Alliance team is currently working with educators at the Desert Research Institute to connect climate messages to students and educators across Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. Climate Kids - Nevada will focus on relevant climate impacts associated with drought, high temperatures, and food security.

orange county

Through our Climate Kids - Orange County program, students at Fulbright Montessori Academy in Lake Forest, CA engaged in hands-on science, storytelling, and art activities and learned to share the climate story at a special Earth Day Assembly. 


Equipped with a climate change mad lib and storytelling finger puppets, Climate Science Alliance partner and Affiliated Artist Cynthia Matzke (Spiral Pacific) brought our Climate Kids activities to the Arctic for Inuit Tribal communities in Greenland and Canada. Climate Science Alliance staff helped tailor activities to the local Inuit stories of Sedna, or the Mother of the Sea.