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Climate Kids Traveling Trunks are education kits with everything that you need to teach youth about a variety of topics related to climate change impacts and solutions.

Each Trunk contains NGSS-aligned curricula that can be used and adapted for grade levels K-12. Lessons utilize hands-on science, art, and storytelling activities containing real data on regional impacts, accompanied by a Tribal Perspectives module. Traveling Trunks engage participants using a variety of learning styles, and include solutions-oriented approaches to learning about that science and impacts of climate change.

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Climate Kids Traveling Trunks provide all the resources you need to teach climate science in the classroom. Which Traveling Trunk will you try?


climate science &
atmospheric chemistry

This trunk brings to life aerosols - one of the most poorly understood components of Earth’s atmosphere - and their impact on our lives and the changing climate, while inspiring and encouraging students to do their part to help protect the earth.

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Carnivores, or animals that eat meat, are important links in the ecosystem as they help control prey populations. These activities will explore how climate change is impacting carnivores and what you can do to help.


climate science & 

With support from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, SDG&E's Environmental Champions Initiative, and our network of partners, we are developing new curriculum about wildfire and climate change, centered around Indigenous fire stewardship and the importance of fire in California's ecosystems. Stay tuned!

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climate science &

food systems

Our global climate and the food that we eat everyday are inextricably linked. Explore our food system and the role it plays in our changing climate and alternatively, how climate change will impact our food, how it’s produced, transported, and more!


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A pollinator is an animal that helps plants produce fruit or seeds. Learn more about pollinators, their important role in our lives, and how a changing climate and increased human activity will affect them and our food production.


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Oceans cover 71% of the world and are the basis of all life. These activities will explore the importance of marine ecosystems for the environment and how these ecosystems are being affected by climate change, ocean acidification, and ocean warming.

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climate science & 
sea level rise

In partnership with NASA's Science Activation program and California SeaGrant, the Climate Science Alliance team is creating a Sea Level Rise curriculum specific to California, using data from NASA satellites. Stay tuned!

coming soon!
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check out

check out

Climate Kids Traveling Trunks are available for all educators—formal and informal—to check out at four hub locations in San Diego County, three of which serve regional Tribal communities.


Learn more about our Climate Kids Hubs

San Diego Check Out Location

In collaboration with our partners at the San Diego Natural History Museum, the Climate Kids Traveling Trunks are available for check out as part of the Nature to You Loan Program.

To reserve the Traveling Trunks and many other wonderful teaching tools, please visit the San Diego Natural History Museum.

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Augustine Check Out Location

In collaboration with the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians, the Climate Kids Traveling Trunks are available for check out by Tribal and non-Tribal educators from the Temalpakh Farm Education Center in Coachella, CA.

To reserve the Traveling Trunks, reach out to the Temalpakh Farm Tribal Educator Adrienne Edmondson at

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Check Out Location for Tribal Partners Only

For the Climate Science Alliance's Tribal partners, our Traveling Trunks can be reserved through the Pala Environmental Department (Northern San Diego Tribes) or the Manzanita Environmental and Natural Resources Department (Southern San Diego Tribes).

Please contact us for more information at:

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Thank you to the Manzanita Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, Pala Band of Mission Indians, Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians, and San Diego Natural History Museum for serving as our Climate Kids Hubs where Climate Kids resources are available to the community for check out.


Special thank you to our educational partners and sponsors for supporting the Climate Kids Traveling Trunks program and the creation of climate tools and resources for our community.

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Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club



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