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Climate Science & Pollinators Traveling Trunk

Essential Question:

Why are pollinators important and how will they be affected by increased human activities and climate change impacts?

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Grade Level:

Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School

Subject Areas:

Science, Fine Arts, Language Arts


Classroom, Field Trip Sites

About the Trunk:

While participating in the Climate Kids activities of art, science, and storytelling, students will gain an understanding of what pollinators are, their important role in our lives, and how they will be affected by a changing climate and increased human activity.

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Students will:

  • Learn about pollinators and their important biological role

  • Analyze pollinator specimens (preserved or live) in class and/or outdoors

  • Explore the impacts of climate change and increased human activities on pollinators

  • Develop solutions to help pollinators to adapt to increased human activities

  • Create and design artwork to portray impacts on or solutions for pollinator resilience to climate change and human activities

Sponsors and Partners

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