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Climate Science & Carnivores Traveling Trunk

Essential Question:

What is climate change and how will it affect carnivores?

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Grade Level:

Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School

Subject Areas:

Science, Fine Arts, Language Arts


Classroom, Field Trip Site

About the Trunk:

While participating in the Climate Kids activities of art, science, and storytelling, students will gain a better understanding of what carnivores are, the importance of them in our region, and how they will be affected by a changing climate and increased human activity.

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Students will:

  • Learn about various southern California carnivores

  • Analyze carnivore specimens and determine traits/characteristics of carnivores

  • Explore the impacts of climate change and increased human activities on these species

  • Interpret climate data on drought and precipitation changes

  • Develop solutions for carnivores to adapt to increased human activities

  • Create and design artwork to portray impacts on or solutions for carnivore resiliency

Sponsors and Partners

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