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Carl Hiaasen

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Suggested grade level:

6th - 8th

Climate Commitment:

Start an earth-friendly project with your friends and family

How to check out:

Available at a Climate Kids Hub for check out!

You can also browse your local library! Are you a reader at a San Diego County library? Check out our curated list here:



Book notes:

AR Points:


About the Book

A classic of environmental lit for kids, this story set in Florida features great characters, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, and a pack of endangered owls. When Roy sees a boy running toward the woods, he decides to follow him and is introduced to a habitat of owls threatened by a new housing development. Along with his new friends, Roy gets involved with issues of the environmental impact of development and the protection of species.

Climate Commitment Activity

Start an earth-friendly project with your friends and family

Dive deeper into the related climate commitment! Download our activity sheet by clicking the preview below.


Reflection Sheets and Book Reviews

Reflect on what you read and share your thoughts with other Climate Kids by completing a reflection sheet and/or book review! Download the templates by clicking the previews below.

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