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Climate Kids Book Club Reading Guide


The Climate Kids Book Club's accompanying Reading Guide contains reflection sheets with guiding questions, book review prompts, and hands-on activities, all of which can be copied and distributed to participating youth to help facilitate thinking and discussion around the reading.

Reflection Sheets and Book Reviews

Reflect on what you read and share your thoughts with other Climate Kids by completing a reflection sheet and/or book review! Download the templates by clicking the previews below.


Climate Commitment Activities

Dive deeper into the related climate commitment! Download our activity sheets individual below:

Climate Commitment
Activity Name
Download Activity Sheet
Use less electricity
Lightbulb reminders
Save water
Red-legged frog coloring sheet
Upcycled puzzle
Pick up trash
Trash-sorting matching game
Walk or ride your bike
Scavenger hunt
Choose reusable bags and water bottles
Lunch bag doodles
Eat your veggies
Grow plants for the bees, butterflies, and birds
Butterfly coloring sheet
Read more about climate change and share what you learn
Zine template
Start an earth-friendly project with your friends and family
Climate Kids bingo
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