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Regional Impacts of Climate Change Explorer Backpack

Essential Question:

What does climate change look like in San Diego County, and what can we do to help?

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Grade Level:

Upper Elementary, Middle School, Lower High School

Subject Areas:

Science, Fine Arts, Language Arts


Classroom, Field Trip Site

About the Backpack:

This resource was designed to provide educators with the materials needed to better understand and teach about the local impacts of climate change in southern California. It uses real data about wildlife, watersheds, and communities that participants can use to explore local change and learn about what steps students can take to reduce the impacts of climate change.

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Students will:

  • Explore local scientific data around temperature, precipitation, wildfire, and the marine layer

  • Discuss what climate change means for people and wildlife

  • Work in groups to interpret data provided by the San Diego County Ecosystems Assessment

  • Identify solutions to help wildlife and human communities adapt to changes

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