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CK-Tribes' 3rd Year at Pala Little Feathers

On July 9th, the Climate Science Alliance was invited back to Pala to be a part of the Pala Band of Mission Indians Little Feather's summer program to teach during Career week. Our Climate Kids-Tribes program brought science, art, and storytelling to preschool students and taught about climate change science. Students participated in an art activity led by Audrey Carver, one of our Affiliated Artists and a Climate Art Fellow for the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Students put on their lab coats and explored the 3 Jobs of a Scientist as a class and colored an activity where they brainstormed "What kind of a scientist would you like to be?". The group read traditional stories from the American South West and made a commitments to helping the Earth by creating a garden stick with their favorite colored paints and 10 Things commitment written on it. Students received lettuce seeded bookmarks and a coloring book as a giveaway.

A special thank you to the Pala Band of Mission Indians for inviting us to participate in this event again this year!

This event was partially funded through the Whale Tail Grant. Thank you!


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