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Climate Kids Activities You Can Do From Home!

Calling all climate kids! Looking for something to do from home? Help protect the earth with our new Climate Science Activity Book, available for download today!

We are so glad you are here! As you may have heard, the earth needs our help. Our global climate is changing and this will impact our communities, both human and natural. This is a big problem and it will take all of us thinking creatively to come up with solutions.

As scientists, Climate Kids (that's you!) have three very important jobs: find the problem - discover solutions - tell your story Here at Climate Kids HQ, we wanted to make sure you have all the tools and training you need to complete these important steps to help protect the earth. Below you will find our new Climate Science Activity Book for you to download. In this resource, we have compiled some of our favorite online climate science, art, and storytelling activities to get you started!

We hope that you enjoy this new resource from the Climate Science Alliance and that together we can build a more climate resilient community! - The Climate Kids Crew


Looking for additional climate education resources to supplement your learning or classroom teaching? Check out the engaging videos, colorful posters, and regionally relevant climate data on our Climate Kids website. Help your students better understand climate impacts and what they can do to help. Visit us >>


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