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Climate Kids from High Tech Middle School Create Book on Climate Change

In November 2016, the Climate Science Alliance brought Climate Kids programming to High Tech Middle School, San Marcos. The 6th graders learned about climate change, endangered and endemic species, and how they can help protect the planet. These kids turned out to be superstar Climate Kids and went on to create their own book of stories about climate change! We are now sharing their story with kids all across San Diego, using the book as an example of how kids can make a difference by creating their own projects to spread awareness and help the planet.

Check out the slideshow below to view images from their book and their thank you letter to Climate Kids. You can also read the full book here.

The fun is not over yet! Students from High Tech Middle, San Marcos will be meeting those from High Tech Middle, Chula Vista for a collaborative Climate Kids field trip to the Living Coast Discovery Center in April. A special thank you to teacher, Curtis Taylor for being a Climate Kids champion and instilling environmental stewardship in High Tech Middle students.


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