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Climate Kids Head for College

The Climate Science Alliance is excited to announce that our Climate Kids Ambassadors are taking their skills to college, and taking all their climate lessons with them! Read the inspiring story of our Ambassador Maya Cota and the difference she continues to make as she starts a new adventure as a first year student at CSU Monterey Bay!

"As a part of the younger generation I can vouch for the importance impressed upon us of time and the time we have to positively impact everything around us, most importantly our planet. We have reached a point in which the youth are going to have a great, if not, the greatest significance in the world and working towards bettering it.”

- Maya Cota,

Climate Kids Ambassador

The Climate Science Alliance is excited to announce that our Climate Kids program has expanded to the university level and our Ambassadors are taking climate lessons with them!

Climate Kids Ambassador and former president of the Mission Bay High School Climate Kids Club, Maya Cota, is bringing the Climate Kids program to CSU Monterey Bay and UC Santa Cruz. Cota, along with fellow student recruits, will be providing Climate Kids messaging and engagement to their college peers and the surrounding communities. The Alliance has provide the tools they need to teach Climate Kids curriculum including the Climate Primer and Climate-Oceans Curriculum to test out the Climate Kids model in a university setting.

We are incredibly proud of all that Maya has accomplished and are excited to see her continued leadership in increasing climate literacy wherever she goes!

To find out more about the Climate Kids program and how to get involved, please visit:


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