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Climate Kids Mexico Leads Semana de Convivencia Ambiental 2019 (Environmental Coexistence Week 2019)

Climate Kids Mexico students at CBTIS 155 recently held a week long festival, Semana de Convivencia Ambiental 2019, that focused on promoting education and sustainability in their school and community. Check out what they accomplished!

The Center for Technological Baccalaureate (CBTIS) 155, in collaboration the Climate Science Alliance and municipal and state government institutions such as the Directorate of Environmental Protection of Tijuana (DPA), recently carried out activities that promote education and a sustainability culture in their school and beyond.

During Semana de Convivencia Ambiental 2019, students led several environmental projects including collection of plastics, batteries, and solid waste, preparing and displaying climate change awareness infographics, and hosting a community pasarela (fashion show) whereby students designed clothing from recycled materials and used them to encourage others to make more sustainable choices. The powerful work the students are doing in Mexico is transdisciplinary- whereby students from all different majors (mathematics, culture/history, and sciences) are collaborating on projects to make a greater and lasting impact.

Climate Kids - Mexico students hope that with their work they can share knowledge on climate impacts and inspire their community to change their attitudes and actions. Congratulations Climate Kids on a job well done and keep up the good work!

Climate Kids - Mexico is a collaborative partnership in Tijuana and Northern Baja focused on community-driven outreach, workshops, and environmental stewardship activities led by trained high school ambassadors.

To learn more about the Climate Kids program, please visit:


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