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Climate Kids-Mexico Teams Up with Out of the Boat Swim for Underprivileged Youth Summer Camp

The Alliance’s Climate Kids-Mexico (CKM) program has been busy with Summer events in Tijuana. For the second year in a row, CKM teamed up with Out of the Boat Swim in July to provide a summer camp for underprivileged children living in coastal communities.

This summer camp provided a unique educational experience that blended outdoor fun in the sun with ocean safety training, climate science education, and environmental art and storytelling. Out of the Boat Swim's mission is to build life skills and confidence for underprivileged children while giving them the tools and knowledge to enjoy the ocean safely. Climate Kids-Mexico complements this mission by educating the kids on why it is important to protect our coasts from pollution and climate change. The kids attended climate change, water quality testing creative writing, and art workshops led by OBS and CKM youth. They are doing an incredible job! Climate Kids-Mexico wouldn’t be possible without program manager Aide Escalante and its awesome student ambassadors!


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