Climate Kids-Tribes Brings Activities to San Pasqual Tribal Youth

This past January, the San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians invited Climate Kids-Tribes to bring hands-on science, storytelling, and art activities to 35 K-3rd grade students. Alliance staff engaged students around marine science and climate change at the San Pasqual educational center's after school program.

Activities began with a demonstration on the "heat-trapping blanket" and how the "ocean is the heart of the planet." The group investigated how carbon dioxide pollution affects both Earth's atmosphere and oceans and explored the impacts of a more acidic ocean on marine organisms through science experiments. Students learned about local animals from the coastal waters of San Diego, participated in a greenhouse gas game, and played roles of heat-trapping gases to visualize the effect of carbon dioxide and long wave radiation. Students read the story "Fever in the Oceans" and explored the "10 Things to Help Give the Earth a Break" to discuss solutions and what each student could do to help.

Staff wrapped up the tribal programming with a commitment station and coloring activity. Each student left with a Climate Kids bracelet and coloring book and was encouraged to share what they learned with others.

Find out more about the Climate Science Alliance's partnership with local tribal nations at

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The Climate Science Alliance Team acknowledges the Indigenous peoples on whose traditional territory we work. We honor the continued presence and resilience of Indigenous communities and nations today, and thank those we work with for your friendship and your good will in our efforts to collaborate.


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