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Climate Science Alliance & Earth Discovery Institute partner on Climate Kids Assembly at Bayside

The Climate Science Alliance Climate Kids’ program partnered with Earth Discovery Insititute to bring a Nos de Chita-Climate Kids assembly to Bayside Elementary in Imperial Beach. Our partner Nos de Chita held a dance, rhythm and body percussion assembly at Bayside Elementary on May 10, 2016. At this assembly Nos de Chita sang, danced, and learned with 174 students ranging from grades 3-5. Nos de Chita performed for the students, and focused on climate change and ways students could help the Earth. Songs about the wind, the water cycle, animals and trees captured the students’ attention and helped them recognize the interconnectedness of all the processes on Earth. Students were encouraged that they had the power to make changes in their homes, schools and community to make the Earth a better place. The Climate Kids at Bayside Elementary will be attending a field trip with Climate Kids partner Earth Discovery Institute to the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge to learn about climate change and technology. Here they will use tablets to learn about weather data collection, ocean tides, trash and pollution tracking, as well as bird identification.


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