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New from Climate Kids - Colors of Conservation Coloring Book!

Check out our new Climate Kids Coloring Book - Colors of Conservation - to learn more about local plant and animal species, and what we can do to help in the face of a changing climate. Share your creations and actions with the Climate Science Alliance as you progress through this new and unique resource!

The Southern California and Northern Baja region hosts a wide diversity of ecosystems, habitats, plants, and animals. Many of these unique species are threatened by the impacts of climate change, along with other factors including habitat loss and fragmentation, changes in how we use the land, and more intense and frequent fires. For many species, climate change will make it harder to find food, shelter, and raise their young. Fortunately, there are many things we can do as a community to help conserve the environment for these species of concern.

Colors of Conversation is a bilingual coloring book that includes both English and Spanish translations on each page.

Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist and Science, Media, and Art Intern Audrey Carver created the Colors of Conservation Coloring Book, to inspire Climate Kids at home to learn about the different ways climate change and human activities are impacting these unique plants and animals and the ecosystems they call home. Colors of Conservation features several threatened wildlife species found within the Southern California and North Baja region, and the many things Climate Kids can do to help build a better future, from planting only native milkweed, to staying on designated hiking trails, and more!

Share your Coloring Book creations - and the actions you’ve taken - with us at or on social media @climatesciencealliance and @CSAinAction. We can’t wait to see!


Interested in purchasing the hardcopy of the Colors of Conservation coloring book for your youth group or classroom?

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