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Schools Learn About Climate Change Through Song and Dance with Alliance Partner, Nos de Chita

In 2016, Climate Science Alliance partner, Nos de Chita, brought the climate change message to six schools and over 3,000 students. Through movement and song, Nós de Chita weaves science concepts around climate change and environmental stewardship in a fun and energetic assembly that gets students on their feet and dancing. The interactive performance is educational and entertaining for all students and compliments the Climate Kids activities taking place at each school.

In less than one year, Nos de Chita performed at Mission Bay High School, Jefferson Elementary, Anza Elementary, Pacific Beach Elementary, Bayside Elementary, and Carmel del Mar Elementary. Climate Kids and Nos de Chita were able to reach the large number of schools because of our partnerships with Earth Discovery Institute and North County Elementary Schools, Jefferson and Carmel del Mar. Earth Discovery Institute (EDI) brings environmental and outdoor education into title one schools in El Cajon. In partnership with Climate Kids, EDI incorporates climate literacy into their lessons, while the Climate Science Alliance provides additional opportunities to EDI like Nos de Chita assemblies and field trips. By partnering with EDI and North County schools, we were able to get this interactive climate change opportunity to a much larger audience.

Thank you to our amazing partners for aiding in the continuing growth of our Climate Kids program!


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