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Climate Science + Food Systems Educator Training

Activity Type


Activity Time

1 hour 34 minutes


Led by:

Climate Kids

About the Training

This training, developed by the Climate Science Alliance, is a high-level overview of our Climate Kids Climate Science + Food Systems Traveling Trunk. This resource is available to educators to help students understand how climate change is impacting our food system, how agricultural practices influence our climate, and the role we play at this intersection.


Welcome to the Climate Science + Food Systems Traveling Trunk Educator Training!

To skip to the following sections:

Program Overview (11:50) 

Climate Primer (17:30)

Food Systems Module (28:54)

Coastal Roots Education Offerings (57:54)

Additional Resources (1:15:50)

Thank you to our sponsors and partners at San Diego Gas and Electric and Coastal Roots Farm for making this training possible. 

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