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Annual "Love Your Wetlands Day" at Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve Features Climate Kids Booth

Ambassadors at 2018 Love Your Wetlands Day

Ambassadors at 2018 Love Your Wetlands Day

This year's Love Your Wetlands Day with San Diego Audubon took place on February 10, 2019 at the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve.

Love Your Wetlands Day is a celebration of local San Diego wetlands, why they matter, how they are threatened, and what local residents can do to help! Visitors were given the opportunity to experience the reserve by participating in marsh walks, live bird presentations, and wetlands-themed crafts and science experiments.

Climate Kids Ambassadors from Mission Bay High School led activities about ocean acidification, ocean warming, and how to protect Earth's marine ecosystems. These activities were provided through the Climate Kids Traveling Trunk program.

Special thanks to the Climate Kids Ambassadors at Mission Bay High School for their ongoing dedication to connecting our community to climate messages and solutions!

Traveling Trunks were made possible by the support of San Diego Gas & Electric (Environmental Champions). Thank you!


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