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Climate Kids Mexico Goes Virtual at Expo Ambiente 2021

For the sixth year in a row, Climate Kids Mexico participated virtually in Expo Ambiente 2021. View their inspiring work on today’s blog!

The annual Expo Ambiente, organized by the Department of Sustainable Economy and Tourism (SEST), was adapted and held virtually, and marked the sixth year of Climate Kids Mexico being a part of this annual environmental fair dedicated to the youth of Baja California. Martha Aidé Escalante Garcia, Climate Kids Mexico Program Manager, supported students in developing products to showcase at the fair. View some of their inspiring work below!

The Alliance is grateful to all our partners in Mexico and the Climate Kids Mexico student ambassadors who are leading the way in their community!

Climate Kids - Mexico is a collaborative partnership in Tijuana and Northern Baja focused on community-driven outreach, workshops, and environmental stewardship activities led by trained high school ambassadors.

Learn more about Climate Kids - Mexico on our website:


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