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Climate Kids Program Expands to Washington State!

his month our Climate Kids program expanded to Washington State! See what teachers are doing to bring climate education into their classrooms.

This month the Climate Kids team traveled to Washington State to connect new educators to our program. The Climate Kids Washington educators are excited to incorporate both the Climate Science and Oceans and Climate Science and Carnivores curriculum into their entire school programming.

Climate Kids, the primary focus of the Alliance’s community engagement effort, is a multi-generational collaborative that supports youth education on climate change and natural resources through hands-on science activities, storytelling, field trips, and art. We nurture the budding scientists and stewards in students from all socioeconomic backgrounds with activities that demonstrate climate impacts in the form of ocean acidification, drought, precipitation, and temperature extremes. Since 2014, the Climate Kids program has successfully inspired over 100,000 students and trained 2,000 formal and informal educators on consistent climate change messaging. Through strategic partnerships with climate scientists and qualified educators, this program encourages curiosity about the natural world while providing the tools necessary to take educated action on how to protect our community and planet now.

The Climate Kids team trained these new partner-educators on how to use our traveling trunks and how to engage students with climate change concepts. In addition, the Climate Kids team will continue to work with the Washington program to build and adapt the curriculum to be regionally specific to the Washington area.

We are excited to expand the Climate Kids program to Washington and look forward to supporting these educators in their climate education endeavors.

To learn more about Climate Kids, please visit:


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