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Climate Kids Traveling Trunks — An Important Educator Resource for Earth Day and Every Day

Teachers overwhelmingly believe climate change should be taught in the classroom. But according to a new NPR poll, more than half don’t talk about it in their classrooms. Our Traveling Trunks are filled with science, art and storytelling activities that are appropriate for students K-12 in every classroom — check one out today!

For Earth Day, NPR asked the question: “If they don't hear about it at home, will kids learn about climate change in school?”

NPR/Ipsos polled 500 teachers, finding that while a majority of teachers believe climate change should be taught in schools, more than half of them do not cover climate change in their classroom lessons or discussions. The poll found the leading cause to be a disconnect to their subject area — 65% of the teachers polled said climate change does not relate to their subject area. Other leading reasons included: “Students are too young”, “I don’t know about it”, and “I don’t have the materials needed to teach the subject”.

To help local educators bring climate change into their classrooms, the Climate Science Alliance founded the Climate Kids program in 2014 and has incorporated regional climate science into educational materials ever since. Over two years ago, the Alliance compiled these resources into Traveling Trunks for local educators to check-out and bring to their students.

Climate Kids Traveling Trunks provide all the resources you need to teach climate science in the classroom. Our trunks cover topics on how climate change interacts with carnivores and wildlife connectivity, pollinators and food systems, and ocean and coastal resources. All lessons include Tribal Perspectives and are available for FREE to both formal and informal educators for two-week periods of time. Each trunk includes background information, lesson plans, powerpoints, activities, and materials to increase climate literacy for K-12th grade youth. Because each trunk features interactive art activities and storytelling curriculum as well as hands-on science lessons aligned to NGSS, Traveling Trunks are appropriate beyond K-12 classrooms and can be used at public events and organized groups/clubs.

The Climate Science Alliance is proud to support both educators’ and students’ desire to learn about climate change through our Climate Kids program, not just on Earth Day, but every day.

Read the article, “Most Teachers Don't Teach Climate Change; 4 In 5 Parents Wish They Did” by Anya Kamenetz from NPR here.

Learn more about Climate Kids here:

Learn more about Traveling Trunks here:


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