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Climate Kids Traveling Trunks Available for Check Out at the Nat!

All five of our Climate Kids Traveling Trunks are available once again for check-out at the San Diego Natural History Museum as part of their Nature to You Loan Program. Explore our Climate Kids offerings today and connect your students to climate messages through science, art, and storytelling! 

Take fun, climate-focused activities to-go by checking out one of our Climate Kids Traveling Trunks! These trunks provide all the resources you need to teach climate science virtually for your classroom. Each trunk includes background information, lesson plans, powerpoints, activities, and materials to increase climate literacy for students. Our trunks feature interactive science, storytelling, and art curriculum aligned to Next Generation Science Standards.

We recommend checking out our newest trunk offering - Climate Science and Food Systems! 

NEW! Climate Science & Food Systems (K-12)

This trunk is designed to help students gain a better understanding of how climate change is impacting the food system on a regional level, how climate-smart agricultural practices can help offset the impacts of climate change, and the role we play at the intersection of climate, food, and agriculture. The hands-on science activities, storytelling, and art materials in this trunk specifically target K-12 grade students based on Next Generation Science Standards. This trunk brings to life the importance of the carbon cycle and photosynthesis, helps students investigate the role climate change plays in plant cultivation, and better understand the suite of climate-smart agricultural practices that help sequester carbon in the soil and offset the impacts of climate change. Lastly, with this program students work to develop their own solutions to help reduce impacts of climate change in our community and help support a thriving food system. 

The trunks can be checked out for a period of two weeks and picked up from our partners at the San Diego Natural History Museum's Nature to You Loan Program by appointment only.

For the Climate Science Alliance’s Tribal Partners - Traveling Trunks can be reserved through the Pala Environmental Department. Please contact us for more information at

To learn more about the Climate Kids program, please visit:


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