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Climate Science Alliance at Viejas & Jamul Earth Day Event

The Climate Science Alliance team was thrilled to attend Viejas and Jamul Earth Day event last month to promote interdisciplinary climate education.

Two people sit behind the Climate Science Alliance booth, which includes a table with resources, art supplies, Clif bars, and information and a table set up with paper and pencils. Two children approach the table.

On Monday, July 11th, 2023, Climate Science Alliance team members Audrey Carver, Kat Schroeder Mora, and Jada McCovey were excited to host a table at the joint Viejas and Jamul Earth Day event. We highlighted different components of our Climate Kids Program to encourage interdisciplinary climate education. Our table brought interactive climate activities to our participants, including our Climate Kids scavenger hunt, Climate Kids bingo cards, watercolor paints, and rainbow colored pencils.

We laid out paper on our coloring table and allowed participants to use their creativity to add one thing they could do to help the earth remain healthy. By the end of the day we had a colorful page full of imaginative illustrations.

Our Climate Science Alliance team was grateful to share this space with the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians and Jamul Indian Village of California, along with other inspiring environmental programs and organization groups. We extend our heartfelt thank you to Viejas and Jamul for hosting this wonderful event and providing us with an opportunity to participate in strengthening sustainable mindsets. It is a joy to see so much excitement for teaching that nurtures a young generation of learners!


This Earth Day season, the Climate Science Alliance's Climate Kids program was supported by CLIF Kid! Special thank you for helping us celebrate Earth Day with communities all season long, and for your generous donation of Zbars. Learn more here!


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