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New Climate Kids Materials!

Hello Educators! We are excited to share that two new Climate Kids resources—Book Club Sets and Explorer Backpacks—are now available at our Hubs. Learn more on today's blog!


The Climate Science Alliance team is excited to share that two new Climate Kids resources are now available at our Hubs:

  • Climate Kids Book Club sets, which promote climate literacy for students K-8 with 60+ books and a reading guide containing background information, discussion questions, and fun hands-on activities.

  • Climate Kids Explorer Backpacks, which are portable, field-ready education kits with the essentials that you need to teach youth about climate change science, solutions, and regional impacts.

These two resources join our 5 Traveling Trunks, containing NGSS-aligned curricula focused on climate impacts and solutions for pollinators, oceans, carnivores, and more.

Visit for more information.

Unsure of where to start? Need a demo of the materials? Reach out to for help from our education staff!


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