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The Climate Science Alliance Welcomes Dr. Jeanette Starpine to the Team!

We are excited to announce our new team member, Dr. Jeanette Starpine, who will serve as the Education & Engagement Lead. Meet Jeanette on today’s blog!

A headshot of Dr. Jeanette Starpine with text welcoming them to the team and the Climate Science Alliance and Climate Kids logos.

The Climate Science Alliance is excited to welcome our new Education & Engagement Lead, Dr. Jeanette Starpine! Bringing their science education background with them, Jeanette will be overseeing the Climate Kids Program and a suite of projects that advance community centered approaches to advancing climate literacy. Learn more about them below and stay tuned for updates on the incredible work she is doing at the Climate Science Alliance!

A headshot of Dr. Jeanette Starpine.

Jeanette (they/she) grew up in Southern California and currently lives in San Diego, on Kumeyaay land with their partner, two cats and many plants. They are an experienced science educator who has taught at all levels from preschool to graduate school in both formal and informal environments. But their path to education was not traditional and Jeanette initially pursued scientific research, earning a chemistry Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. After completing her Ph.D., Jeanette discovered the joy of science education while working as a science presenter doing stage shows and workshops for kids. Since that lightbulb moment, they haven't looked back and love seeing people enjoy and learn science! Jeanette is also a committed community organizer and is currently co-chair for She Fest, a program of San Diego Pride that centers 2SLGBTQ+ women and non-binary people. Engaging with local communities, especially marginalized communities, is central to Jeanette’s philosophy and passions. At the Climate Science Alliance, they combine their science knowledge, community organizing background, and passion for making science fun and accessible through the Climate Kids program.


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